•   Love Letter to husband from his beloved Wife

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    Love Letter to husband from his beloved Wife

    Love Letter to husband from his beloved Wife

    Living with you, thinking of you, taking care of you, none can stop me from loving you more n more each day. It seems like a never-ending process. Each day doing more for you seems less. Marriage seems to be a process in which you learn each day about the person Allah has chosen for you to spend life with and depend upon him for the rest of your life. When I started my journey with you I felt I know you well, enough to deal with the daily deals we shall come across. But I was wrong, there’s a lot to know about a person once you start living with them.

    To love and to be loved by a person who is willing to share his soul with you has been a greatest experience of my life. Being married means you will be taking care of the person’s basic needs, who is already making plans of providing you with best he could. My heart melts every time I cook and you find it delicious. It gives me spark of doing well every other time. I feel the prettiest when you give me a look of appraisal ,I don’t enjoy events without your presence, I don’t feel connected to the world anymore, all I think of, is making things your way. All this and more including all my flaws too.

    I am not always good !

    I know, I don’t always look good, sometimes over-cook the food but you always appreciate n give me a chance to improve. This is just a small example but on a bigger scale being married sooner or later both of the souls expose there good and bad sides, strong and weak points and hence Quran has beautifully described us, as cloth to cover each other…


    Having this knowledge in mind, we shall both play our parts shielding each other. When we both shall move under the enlightenment of Islamic knowledge and with a deep trust, we will have a smooth belief that our bond of marriage is protected by the other half. A cloth is used to cover, & here the word “cover” means to protect each other from all the dark shadows of life. Covering your spouse with a treasure of immense love is a complete feeling. It cannot be bought by spending millions but can be achieved by showing little gestures of supporting in routine tasks; listening to her sad heart, patting her shoulder when she feels low and sometimes by standing beside her.

    With moderate earning, life of a married couple is not an easy thing. They both have to go through many uncalled examinations of random links and responsibilities. Time changes people, and marriages seems boring after going through same responsibilities, routine, kids and jobs. But, if your partner has seeded an unconditional love in your heart, then, you will surely go through this excitement of pure love daily. That is how it should be, and YOU, my loving husband, had given me all the sacred feelings of trust, sincerity, support & love.

    You Taught Me !

    You taught me that marriage is not always easy or smooth but sometimes it gets hard and many times it gets hardest. But the best of the bonds are those who grew stronger after passing through storms. Miss-understandings, miss-communications are natural and even madly in love people can’t resist such happenstance but what makes them keep going is the trust in the bond of marriage which brings them closer each time.

    I like to conclude my letter letting you know that all we share in between, is might be shared by many other couples, but we can make it special for ourselves by enjoying every bit of it. I want to grow old with you knowing you more and sharing more n more of my life with you, to have kids and raise them together is utterly blissful for me. All I want you to know is not to get too serious in life that we might forget to live our moments. We can make everything brighter n happier only with the trust in each other. The other day, I read a quote on internet, let me share with you as I laughed over it but at the same time I know it makes a serious point too.


    Michel de Montagne

    With Love!


    Your Better-half