How to register on the Zariyaa Muslim matrimony site in few clicks?


Are you facing trouble in registering your profile On the Zariyaa Matrimony site? If yes, then we are here to guide you step by step to reach your destination and to find a perfect life partner of your choice.
Here is the step-by-step guide for you. Kindly go through the process to Register your account on the Zariyaa Matrimony site.

Step by step process

Step 1: Visit Registration Form

On Zariyaa Matrimony Website, you will find the registration option at the top of the website. Click on to register your profile to find the perfect
partner of your choice.

Step 2: Choose Created By

Here you will get to fill in your details like created by- If you are creating your account by yourself then you need to select 'My Self ',

If the account is created by Parents/ guardians then there you have to select the same options i.e Parents/ guardians for it.

There are also many more options available like siblings, Relatives, and Friends. If your profile is created by any one of them, then they have to select the options by their relationship status.


Step 3- Select Name

Then you will get the option of "First Name and Last name', there you are requested to fill in the name of that person for whom the account is supposed to create.


Step 4: Select Gender

Once you will be done with your name, you will get the option of Gender. If the account is for Male, you will have to select the male option, and if it is for females you need to click on the female option.


Step 5: Select Date of birth

When you are done with the Gender process, you will get the date of Birth" options just below the Gender. There you need to fill in the date of birth of the person whom the account is going to be created.
There you need to fill in your birth date, month, and year.


Step 6: Select Marital status

In the same option, there are many categories is available Like-
Never married –
If the person is single and wants to get mingle then he/she need to select the Never married option.
If a person is separated from their partner, they have to go for the divorced option to register their profile on Zariyaa.
People whose partner has left the world and planning to get married again, then they need to select the Widowed option for their next marriage.
Awaiting Divorced-
If a person is thinking to get separated from their partner and making a profile for a new partner search, in that case, he/she need to select this option.
If a woman is thinking to leave her husband's house by her own choice and thinking to search for the other one, she must be select the Khula option to register her profile.
Second marriage-
If a person is already married and got separated for some reason and thinking about a second marriage, He/ she need to choose this option.

Step 7:

After filling in the Personal Information, You will get the option to fill in your personal information.
There you need to fill in your email id, Contact number, country Code.

Note- After entering your contact number you will get a verification link on your registered mobile number, from there you can verify your account.

Step 8:

After going through all these processes you need to create a strong password to protect your account from others and keep it personal.
After that there will be a privacy policy that every website follows, you will also get the same option.

After reading the privacy policy you can choose 'I accept privacy policy' then you will get your registration done on the Zariyaa Matrimony site.
Please note that all the information is mandatory to fill while registering your profile.


Ques - How can you register your profile on Zariyaa?

Ans - To register your profile on Zariyaa, you need to follow the steps properly like- Name, Gender, date of birth and marital status, etc.

Ques - Who can register on Zariyaa?

Ans - People who are planning to get married, whether they are single, divorced, widowed, khula, a second marriage can register their profile on the Zariyaa Matrimony site.