The changing trends in Muslim marriages


Marriage is the real commitment between two souls which goes for the entire life. It is a mutual bond between two people to live together for the rest of their lives. In recent times marriage is an important part of human society.

Be it in any country or religion, it is the foundation of human relations. Marriages are made in heaven. If we talk about Muslim marriages, they fun in India and are celebrated grandly. In Muslim cultures, they have different trends than other cultures, but they are celebrated amazingly.

On the other hand, Marriage is the lifetime bond among humans to promote peace and love. But in the modern world, the meaning of marriage has been changed although people are making more problems while maintaining their relationships among individuals.

Even there are some countries, which still follow the traditional ways to maintain their relationships strong. But in recent times things are replaced from generation to generation. Some changing trends are affecting the entire society.

In this blog, let us see the trends which have made some huge changes in the Muslim marriage rules.

The Changing trends and traditions in the Muslim marriage

In ancient times, marriages were taken up in a very simple way with just some close relatives. But in recent times, things are getting changed. Even Muslim marriages are celebrated in more rituals. The wedding takes place in the masjid only but the receptions are held in a grand style.

Traditionally, parents have the responsibility of finding the perfect match for their children, but in today's generation parents accept their children's choice with utmost ceremony and concert.

Unlink this, at an earlier age boys and girls, were not allowed to meet before their marriage. They use to see their partner on the day of their marriage. But in the 21st century, the partners try to spend more quality time together to know each other. They even do their shopping together and spend long hours on their phones.

The practice of arranged marriage in Islam was in the rule since the fourth century and it was coming from one generation to another. And it is marked that, the idea of arranged marriage is liked by the majority of people in India because love marriage is not discerned throughout India. In western countries, couples tend to live together before their marriage to understand their partner well in every aspect for the betterment of their future.
But, Indian marriages are planned according to the factors of endowment, caste, age, order of birth among their siblings, and the needs of the family to showcase their dignity.

The tradition that is followed in India causes in inequality the communities and is also misbehaving with the women in this modern world.

Changing of Surnames of bride after marriage

These are the important aspects of marriage in India. The bride changes their surname after the marriage. It creates a strong feeling of love and togetherness between the couples and the family members.

This change also shows the sacrifice and docility of the elders in the family. The main aim is to show the status of the woman that she belongs to that family. On the other hand, Mans guards his wife and children and begins a happy life in society. The change helps in securing the family tradition for many ages to come. The women have given their rights to reacquire her maiden family name if she plans for a divorce from the husband which is the common system around the world. Due to the improvements in modern society and the empowerment of women, this wonderful tradition is fading in many metros in India.

A joint family system to live together

Until the 12th-century couples are happy to live with their family. But, nowadays due to the urban rules, this system started to fade out in many families. Even in rural villages, the trends have reduced to a great extent.

The main reason that can be analyzed is that of the modern increase in many nations which has driven to this kind of loss. Other reasons for the decline can also be stated as the increase in divorce rates.

The people who are financially strong, career-oriented, and who has the right to make their decision by themselves mainly offered for this change in the joint family system.

This has improved the bond between the couples in many cases and vice versa. In case of any misunderstanding between the couple, it has been easily solved if they were in a joint family or the situation could become more serious and begin to die in other cases.

The triple talaq in marriage

It was reported that triple talaq was common in Islamic Divorce. As it was allowed that any Muslim men can divorce their partner by saying the word talaq three times in oral, written, or in verbal form.

But, In recent times, it is illegal in India. As Muslim community has faced a huge loss towards the development and growth of women society. The basic rights have been seized away by the Muslim men. So, giving rights to women has been improved in recent times.


India is emerging in all the fields for improvement, And Marriages are a spiritual relationship between man and a woman which depends on love, trust, and faith between each other. As it is celebrated as a festival by both families to make the couples understand the tradition and value behind the relationship. So, changing trends have their advantages or disadvantages. There are many things in marriage which were good in the earlier days but the new trends are also not so bad that can effects the society anymore. Overall what matters the most? A happily married couple full of love, care, and